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Smackdown Taping Results – Aired Aug. 1st 2014

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RAW Results – July 28th 2014

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The King of Swing is back! In his match on Monday Night Raw, the Swiss Sensation Cesaro finally showed why the name is the game in his case!

After John Cena and Paul Heyman had a somewhat heated discussion about John Cena’s opponent for Summer Slam – non other but the Beast Brock Lesnar – Cesaro interrupted the scene to come to Heyman’s aid. True, the Swiss powerhouse may not be a Paul Heyman guy anymore, but that doesn’t mean that he can’t stand up for a friend. To Heyman’s big joy, Cesaro challenged the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion for a match.

And what a match it was! The test of strength at the beginning showed that both opponents stood nothing against one another, and only a kick in the gut and towards Cena’s arm gave Cesaro a distinct advantage. The chemistry between the two wrestlers couldn’t be overseen as they exchanged heavy blows. A Cross Body by Cesaro from the top rope was caught by the Chaingang Commander and transformed into a roll up pin, but it didn’t get to the 3-count right there. After several boots towards Cena’s face, and a tremendous European Uppercut, the King of Swing executed his name giving maneuver on the current champion.

In the end, it was the AA from the top rope that ended a long and physical match between the two powerhouses.

House Show Results

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Edmonton – July 26th 2014

Big Show defeated Cesaro

Calgary, Canada – July 27th 2014

Big Show defeated Cesaro

Landvogt TV

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On this week’s episode of LandvogtTV on Monday Night Raw, Cesaro talked about Battleground and the Battle Royal for the Intercontinental Championship – and about the fact that a real man always stands up the day after a defeat to fight again!

Smackdown Results – July 25th 2014

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On Monday Night Raw, the match between Cesaro and Dean Ambrose escalated in a win via DQ for the Swiss Sensation after Ambrose attacked him with a steel chair. On Smackdown, it was made sure that such a victory wouldn’t be granted to either of the two men as they faced off in a No Disqualification Match.

Not too long into the match, the first weapon was chosen by Cesaro who attacked Ambrose with a kendo stick. The brawl in and outside the match was fierce, involving a high amount of steel chairs as well. Ambrose might have gained a small advantage over Cesaro as he sent him flying into the timekeeper’s area, but the Swiss Superman took revenge by applying his submission maneuver with the help of a kendo stick pressed against Ambrose’s throat.

As the Swiss Sensation threw Ambrose out of the ring, it was his rival Seth Rollins that seized the opportunity of the match being held under no rules to attack the Cincinnati native. After the attack, Cesaro used his momentum to throw Ambrose into a pile of steel chairs in the middle of the ring as he lifted him off the Apron with a Deadlift Suplex. Despite the pain and the interference of Rollins, Ambrose managed to roll up his Swiss opponent afterwards to get the 3-count.

Enraged by this victory, not only Rollins attacked Ambrose again with several kicks and blows, but even Cesaro made his comeback with a Neutralizer against the former Shield member, leaving the ring afterwards and Ambrose to the two-tones Mr. Money in the Bank.

Smackdown Taping Results – Aired July 25th 2014

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Spoilers underneath the cut.
(more…) Poll – Who do you think Cesaro should align himself with to succeed?

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In a new poll on poll, you can vote who Cesaro should align himself with in the future. Take the poll here!

RAW Results – July 21st 2014

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It’s offocial: Cesaro is no longer a Paul Heyman guy! Instead, the Swiss Sensation seeks to become a guy that is best for business. Thus, he offered Triple H to show him that he is shaped to face John Cena for his WWE World Heavyweight Championship. The COO of the WWE didn’t waste any time, giving Cesaro the opportunity to prove himself in a match against Dean Ambrose.

In a physical and devastating match, both Cesaro and Ambrose showed that they were worthy opponents for one another. Yet, a victory was not easily attained. In the end, it was Ambrose who stopped the match under his own conditions, attacking the Swiss Superman with a steel chair.

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