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Backstage Fallout – Raw August 25th 2014

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Cesaro discusses what it means that he’s the number 1 contender for the United States Championship now.

RAW Results – August 25th 2014

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Might the United States Title be coming home to Switzerland? Two years after previously holding the star-spangled title (and two months since last challenging for it), Cesaro found himself once again at the front of the line to challenge Sheamus for Old Glory after defeating Rob Van Dam to claim the opportunity.

He certainly had to pay for the honor, though; a superkick early on from RVD nearly sent The King of Swing’s bicuspids shooting up the ramp. Despite a brief recovery by Cesaro, RVD rallied enough to set his opponent up for the Five-Star Frog Splash, though The Swiss Superman rolled out of the way and bounced RVD neck-first off the ropes when Van Dam chased him. One Neutralizer later and Cesaro was No. 1 contender.

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House Show Results

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Stockton – August 22th 2014

Sheamus defeated Cesaro in a United States Championship match

San Diego – August 23th 2014

Big Show defeated Cesaro

Bakersfield – August 24th 2014

Big Show defeated Cesaro

Power Ranking – August 23rd 2014

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Cesaro sits tight at 18 this time around after the Swiss strongman answered his SummerSlam Kickoff loss to Rob Van Dam with a powerful showing against former partner Jack Swagger on Raw.

Landvogt TV – RAW August 18th 2014

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Cesaro welcomes the German announcer team to a new episode of Landvogt TV. what’s his problem with Carsten Schäfer though…?

WWE Auction – We the people jacket

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On WWE’s auction site you can now bid on the original “We the People” jacket Cesaro himself had worn! Unique and signed by the King of Swing!

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Main Event Results – August 19th 2014

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Curtis Axel went to war with United States Champion Sheamus, while Cesaro joined new main Event announcing team Michael Cole and Byron Saxton at the announce table. After slapping Sheamus around, an infuriated Celtic Warrior retaliated with smash-mouth offense. With Axel still reeling, the champion put him away with a vicious Brogue Kick. After the bout, Cesaro smugly tossed Sheamus’ title to the champion before sauntering up the entrance ramp.

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Raw Results – August 18th 2014

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The King of Swing is on the upswing. Cesaro reversed his recent misfortunes and Jack Swagger continued his own when the former Real Americans battled once again on Raw and, in a reversal of last week’s result, The Swiss Superman came out on top. Swagger seemed somewhat lost without Zeb Colter at his side and Cesaro gleefully pounced on his former partner, making it a point to target Swagger’s taped-up ribs.

Even though Cesaro found himself trapped in the Patriot Lock, some well-timed chicanery (read: a thumb to the eye) sent Swagger reeling face-first into the Neutralizer.

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