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Power Ranking – September 27th 2014

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Cesaro missed two chances to claim a title this week, having come up short against Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler on SmackDown after losing to US Champion Sheamus at Night of Champions.

The JBL & Cole Show #96

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Cesaro makes a short Statler and Waldorf appearance in the JBL & Cole Show!

SmackDown Results – September 26th 2014

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In a furious No. 1 Contender’s Battle Royal that would come down to Bo Dallas, Cesaro, Jack Swagger and Kofi Kingston, The Wildcat followed up his WWE Main Event triumph over Bo by kicking the inspirational Superstar off the apron and out of contention.

Then, moments later, as the three remaining competitors were brawling on the ropes, The Swiss Superman picked up Kingston and hurled him at The Real American, knocking both of his opponents to the floor. In doing so, the winner of the first-ever Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal seized an opportunity at Ziggler’s title later on SmackDown!


Earlier on SmackDown, Cesaro won the right to challenge Dolph Zigler for the Intercontinental Title in an explosive Battle Royal. But that title match would ultimately end in controversy. When The Showoff countered The Swiss Superman for a pin attempt, the referee failed to see Cesaro grab the ropes.

Nevertheless, the official’s decision was final and Ziggler squeaked through with the title still around his waist.


WWE 2K15 Roster Reveal

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WWE uploaded the videos from the WWE 2K15 Roster Reveal at Summer Slam 2014!

RAW Results – September 22nd 2014

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Brains, brawn and the utterly bizarre collided in a surreal blend of a Six-Man Tag Team Match on Raw, and what emerged was… a little bit of payback for The Usos. [...]

Cesaro, on the other hand, had little interest in the fairly odd Gold & Stardust, to say nothing of The Usos altogether. He instead demanded Sheamus enter the fray so they could continue their scrap from the previous night. That led to two separate clashes between the brawlers, the second of which helped take the match into its endgame when Cesaro tenderized Sheamus up for a beating from Stardust. A clubbing forearm to the airborne oddball allowed Sheamus and Stardust to tag in Goldust and Jey Uso, which led to a massive brawl culminating in Jey taking flight and splashing Goldust for the pin.


Night of Champions Results – September 21st 2014

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United States Champion Sheamus loves a good fight. The Celtic Warrior found his perfect opponent in Cesaro when the he successfully defended the stars-and-stripes title in a battle at Night of Champions.

In the weeks leading into Night of Champions, Cesaro lurked at ringside during The Celtic Warrior’s non-title matches, disrupting his rhythm and slowing his momentum before their showdown. Cesaro’s biggest offense came when Sheamus faced Seth Rollins on Sept. 8’s Raw. After helping Rollins eke out a victory with a timely distraction, Cesaro stood over the weakened Sheamus and screamed “Fella!” before adding injury to insult with a Neutralizer and proudly raising the U.S. Title.

The combatants wasted little time in dishing out punishment to one another at Night of Champions, exchanging brawling blows and reversing one another’s best moves. Cesaro slowed Sheamus significantly with a sleeper hold that threw off The Celtic Warrior’s equilibrium. Sheamus tried to regain momentum with a suplex, but Cesaro continued to reverse or counter whatever Sheamus threw his way. He even powered out of Sheamus’ signature 10 Beats of the Bodhran, a WWE first.

It appeared to be Cesaro’s night when he successfully ducked a Brogue Kick and followed up with a devastating European Uppercut for a two count. Cesaro ultimately countered three Brogue Kicks, but became frustrated when Sheamus repeatedly kicked out every pinning attempt. In a rage, Cesaro slapped The Celtic Warrior repeatedly and unleashed a series of punches to Sheamus’ ribs in the corner.

Cesaro was backed off Sheamus by the referee, creating a short window of opportunity for the U.S. Champion. Sheamus unleashed a brutal Brogue Kick to Cesaro’s face to barely retain his United States Championship.


Night of Champions Match Preview

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Having defeated Rob Van Dam in a No. 1 Contender’s Match, Cesaro earned the right to challenge United States Champion Sheamus at Night of Champions.

Even before overcoming RVD on the Aug. 25 edition of Raw, The Swiss Superman, a former United States Champion in his own right, clearly had his sights set on WWE’s stars-and-stripes title. A week prior to beating Van Dam, Cesaro sat in on commentary during Sheamus’ match against Curtis Axel on WWE Main Event, and after the Celtic Warrior’s win, Cesaro grabbed the title and inspected it before arrogantly tossing the prize to the champion. He continued his disrespectful antics after claiming the No. 1 Contender spot on Raw, too, throwing the U.S. Championship in the face of Sheamus.

Every time the WWE Universe has seen Cesaro and Sheamus compete against each other, the action has been fierce and physical. On commentary, Cesaro went so far as to compare the hard-hitting U.S. Champion to a wild Tasmanian devil. Will Cesaro, arguably pound-for-pound the strongest Superstar in all of WWE, find a weakness in the Irishman’s bruising offense and capitalize to golden results? Or can Sheamus, who’s held onto the title since winning it in a Battle Royal in May, beat back yet another contender to the throne?


Smackdown Results – September 19th 2014

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Primed and ready to defend their respective titles at Night of Champions, the Intercontinental and United States Champions teamed up on SmackDown to face their pay-per-view challengers in a tag team showdown.

An evenly matched contest escalated into chaos as both Dolph Ziggler and The Miz’s stunt doubles, “R-Ziggler” and “Damien Mizdow,” tried to insert themselves into the action. But it was the distraction by The Showoff’s “look-a-like” that allowed the bleached-blond Superstar to superkick Miz’s “moneymaker” straight into a Brogue Kick from Sheamus!


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